Important information from Stock Psychology.

Rates and Insurance

Dr. Stock is an out-of-network provider and does not accept insurance. Clients are expected to pay for sessions at the time of service through the secure client portal. Credit card numbers are kept online through a secure electronic health record.

Dr. Stock provides invoices at the end of every session. Superbills for the previous month’s therapy sessions are provided at the beginning of the next month. The superbill includes all the required information necessary to submit to insurance companies. It is recommended that you research out of network benefits with your insurance company before initiating services. The following is a list of most used procedural codes:

  • 60-minute follow up session (90837)

The length of sessions is determined by Dr. Stock.


There is no online scheduling at this time. Regular appointments are scheduled with Dr. Stock after the initial consultation, once both the therapist and client agree to move forward.

Cancellation policy

There is no charge for cancellations outside the 24 hour window of the session. If a client cancels with less than 24 hours’ notice or does not show for the session, they are still responsible for the full fee.



Dr. Stock is licensed in DC, MD, VA, and NY and can treat potential patients that are living in any of those states. Dr. Stock is also a PSYPACT provider.

In-person vs. telehealth?

Dr. Stock believes that in-person sessions are incredibly helpful during the rapport building process and can be an important factor in treatment progress. At times and depending on a client’s needs, in-person sessions are the preferred environment.

Dr. Stock does offer telehealth appointments as well and many clients do benefit from the ease of access. Most often, clients prefer a hybrid approach and enjoy that sessions can be conducted in both environments.

How long do I have to commit to therapy?

It is difficult to predict the anticipated length of treatment as progress is affected by many factors, including treatment approach, therapeutic relationship, family and social support, the client’s willingness, and openness to practicing therapeutic techniques outside of session.

Requests for accommodations

Please note that Dr. Stock does not conduct disability evaluations nor does she provide letters for Emotional Support Animals. Recommendations for accommodations are most often provided after psychological or neuropsychological testing rather than through a therapist.

Dr. Stock can help foster independence and improve functioning at school, work, and home through dedicated, compassionate care.

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