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Stock Psychology provides evidence-based treatment for anxiety, mood, and other mental health challenges that prevent adolescents and adults from reaching their potential.

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Meet Avy Stock, PsyD

For two decades, Dr. Stock has helped teenagers and young adults navigate an array of psychiatric diagnosis and challenges that are inherent in day to day life, such as relationship stressors, adjustment issues, and the normal ups and downs of identity development and growth.

Dr. Stock also works with parents and schools in order to intervene early in a young person’s development of anxiety, depression and behavioral disorders.

Dr. Stock believes every person seeking therapy, no matter the age, is an expert in their own experiences. She strives to join with her clients to create a “team” that can work to address maladaptive thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

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Direct, honest, and individualized therapy for your family.

Dr. Stock provides a flexible approach to treatment that encourages adaptive functioning and effective coping with life stressors, adjustment problems, and family conflict.

What to expect from therapy

  • One-on-one therapy and interventions for teens
  • Family sessions
  • Parent and school consultations